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REMUS Sportexhaust started its business in 1990 on the green grass of Bärnbach/Austria with many good ideas. From an idea, an ambitious plan and only 5 employees, REMUS grew extremely fast over the years and is today a major global partner in development and manufacturing of sportexhaust systems.


The combination of modern research and development facilities, highly qualified staff and the latest state of the art machinery ensures that REMUS will stay in the leadership position for the future.

Since the beginning, the commitment to motor sport has been an essential part of the company philosophy. The first sport mufflers to leave the new factory in Bärnbach during spring 1991 already wore trade marks from motor sport participation within the National Rally Championship. Not only the vital image transfer from “track to street” was addressed, but also the technology transfer to ensure that REMUS customers receive the best possible sport exhaust for their cars. In addition to many national and international rally commitments, also touring cars and formula cars were supported which finally lead to the cooperation with Formula 1 world champions Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve.

“Today it is very important to keep in touch with the top level of the motorsport. We have arrangements in many different motorsport categories and we also see a great perspective to promote REMUS via the new RX series”, says Mrs. Angelika Kresch (CEO REMUS-SEBRING Group).

“We are very proud to have an arrangement with REMUS Sportsexhaust and are very thankful for the trust that they give us since many years”, says Erich Petrakovits (CEO PS Racing Center, Member Austrian Organizer Team)

During the event which will take place on September 14th/15th at the PS RACING CENTER there will be a huge REMUS activity zone where fans and customers will find latest information and brand new products from REMUS.
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